tourpay converts your online visitors into paid bookings!

You’ve worked hard at internet marketing, so make that effort pay off. Visits without conversion are just wasted money.

Today's travelers are glued to their tablets or smartphones, so they're used to quick responses. Don't expect them to email you or call you – if they find you! Instead, let them book and pay right away, directly from your website. Hassle-free, 24/7.

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You're the boss. Manage your business from anywhere!

tourpay is a cloud-based platform giving you access to a state-of-the-art booking and payment suite for new or seasoned business owners.

  • Real-time reservations
  • Marketing Tools
  • Payment Integration


Commission for Online Sale No commission No commission
Users 5 10
Sales Agents 10 20
Tours & Activities Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Services Unlimited Unlimited
Online Bookings
Booking Calendar
Shopping Cart
Payment link CLP-USD CLP-USD-BRL
Itineraries Unlimited Unlimited
Discount Coupons Unlimited Unlimited
Discount Coupons Unlimited Unlimited
Customers History Unlimited Unlimited
Surveys Standard Custom
Reports Standard Tailor-made
System Adaptation 3 Requirements
Support Direct Live
Payment Gateways
Paypal business

Extend your reach - expand your market - increase your sales

Tourpay.App shows you how

Pricing Plan

No commissions. No booking fees. Just a low monthly fee.

20% OFF on Annual Plans

UF 1,9 + IVA

UF 2,4 + IVA


Kickstart Your Online Business

  • Tourpay.app System
  • 5 User Accounts
  • 10 Sales Agents
  • Paypal Business + Stripe
  • Direct Support

UF 3,7 + IVA

UF 4,4 + IVA


Public and Private Companies

  • Travel Agencies
  • Tourism Marketplace
  • Big Data / Analytics
  • Integrations (API)
  • Tourism Offices
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We exist to connect local entrepreneurs with global opportunities, encouraging the growth of sustainable tourism that creates value for local communities.

Yes, we are a tech company but we pride ourselves in bending over backwards when it comes to making our clients happy and responding super fast to their needs.

Our pricing model is very straight, a low monthly fee is all we charge. We don't believe in adding a 'per transaction' fee as most booking companies do. It's not cool.

We take our clients' feedback super serious, so whatever it takes to makes us a better team, we'll do it. Are you thinking about a new feature? We're happy to add it to our dev pipeline.

tourpay was born to help tour and activity providers thrive, so if you are in the business of creating experiences for tourists, then we can work together.

Wine lovers and wine tourism is growing in most wine countries, so we understand this business very well and have the right tools to automate the booking experience.

Our marketplace plan allows you to establish an online travel agency and work collaboratively with all of your providers and clients in one place.

We have several features that help one-man businesses to operate as if they have a bigger staff. The autoblock feature allows you to run your operation without overbooking yourself!

Once you enable your preferred payment gateway to your account such as PayPal Business or Stripe, you should be able to receive your payments in a few business days.

PayPal Business and Stripe accept over 180+ currencies. If you want to receive payments in both your local currency and USD, then you are pretty much covered.

Most tour & activity providers offer full or partial refunds when cancellations are submitted on time. Please be sure to clearly state this on your Cancellation Policy.

You my friend ;) If a client request a cancellation or reimbursement, you should be able to login into your PayPal Business or Stripe account and take care of it in a few easy steps.

Yes. It is very simple and it only takes a few minutes. Please be sure to have your hosting credentials at hand (this is where your website lives).

s easy as copy-pasting a web adress into your posts. You could have your full catalogue displayed in your Instagram Business Account or post a tour on sale in Facebook.

If you're planning to link buttons to an activity such as BOOK NOW, yes, and it is very easy to achieve. We currently don't have widgets for WordPress or Wix, but we'll work on it pretty soon.

None whatsoever. In order to make tourpay.app a truly useful business tool, the payment integration had to be part of the deal. It is our pleasure ;)